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5 Tips for Cleaning a Dog Friendly Office

Welcoming office pets has become an increasingly popular work trend, as teams begin to realise the benefits. Having a dog friendly office can be very advantageous, helping with stress, health and employee morale. However, they will need cleaning up after, which may require help from a commercial cleaning company.

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Protecting Your Deposit: Professional Cleaning and Commercial Tenancies

As the new year begins many businesses will be considering a move to bigger or more suitable commercial premises in 2019.

For companies that have a rental agreement with a landlord this should be a reasonably smooth process, but there are many important issues to consider regarding the condition of the property as the tenancy ends, especially when it comes to the refund of a deposit.

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New Year, New Office Habits – Smart Tips for Keeping your Office Clean

We’ve all heard it before, but the New Year can be a great time to make a few changes and start with a clean slate, so why not take the opportunity to keep your desk and office clean. Keeping a clean office can have many benefits, from improving customer perceptions of your business, to improving employee morale and productivity.

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Why Cleaning is Essential to the Christmas Office Party!

For the many UK businesses that host Christmas parties on company premises this provides a great opportunity to bring employees together to celebrate on mutual ground.

But making sure that the building is clean and tidy before and after a seasonal shin-dig is vitally important to making sure this important annual event is successful, especially if business operations are to continue to run smoothly.

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Can You Reprimand Employees for Not Keeping the Workplace Clean?

It’s a question that you might have been pondering for a while. After all, everyone is different and we all have diverse views on what we expect and the standards we adhere to. The workplace is no different to any other slice of society – some people are immaculately presented and keep their personal space well organised and tidy, whereas others are messy, shambolic and exist in a state of chaos. But what can you do about it?

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Open Plan Offices Keep You Fitter – But How Do You Keep Them Clean?

The idea behind an open plan office is that there is a lot of empty space with no barriers between desks. To keep it clear, a lot of storage units and furniture will be pushed to the side, to give employees more open space to work.

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