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Top Tips for Winter Grounds Maintenance

As the temperature starts to drop towards freezing and the days become much shorter, the last thing on your mind is likely to be maintaining your grounds, whether it be at home or work.

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Office Cleaning to Reduce Sickness

Ensuring that you maintain a clean office environment for your staff members is vitally important for their overall health.

The number of sick days taken in the UK has dramatically reduced over the last decade. However, the last thing you need is employees to start taking days off due to sickness.

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Reasons to Organise Janitorial Supplies Through Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Any business requires basic janitorial supplies, such as hand soap, toilet rolls and bin liners. In the modern workplace, requirements for janitorial and hygiene supplies are much more complex; sanitary and hygiene units are needed, hand towel dispensers are replacing electric hand dryers and air fresheners are a common sight in workplace washrooms.

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Office Cleaning: Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Clean

Clarifying the importance of workspace cleanliness to employees is essential for workplace safety. Having an organised workspace will ensure sensitive materials are kept private and helps to limit safety hazards. It can also create a more welcoming and less overwhelming environment, which is especially important while working long days.

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Factory Cleaning Services for Summer 2019

For smooth operations and sharp efficiency in factory settings, professional factory cleaning is recommended. Provide your team with a professional working environment with cleanliness and organisation. As well as increasing productivity and efficiency, a clean workspace can also benefit employee wellbeing.

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Office Cleaning: The Importance of Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Office cleaning can be a major part of maintaining employee morale and a professional business reputation. However, when your schedule is filled with meetings and paperwork, carpet cleaning may be the last thing on your mind.

Although, when carpet covers the entire surface area of your office, you want it to be fresh for employees and visitors. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning agency could be something to consider.

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