The New Normal: Enhanced Hygiene Practices to Keep Your Workplace Clean

With the government outlining steps to enable more businesses to reopen following the coronavirus lockdown, there will need to be enhanced hygiene practices in place to keep workplaces clean and the workforce safe.

Here are just some of the things you will need to consider when reopening your workplace, to continue to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Before reopening: cleaning and clearing tasks

Carry out an assessment for all sites in line with HSE guidance to make sure that they are safe to be reopened.

It is also necessary to carry out a deep clean of your workplace, to remove the dust and dirt that has built up during the lockdown and also to ensure that surfaces, handles and equipment such as telephones are sanitised. You will also need to provide hand sanitiser for anyone using your building.

The official guidance also states that places of work should be well ventilated, so you will need to make sure your windows can be opened and that the shelves and sills are free of debris so that they can be easily opened and closed. The same goes for doors, so now is the time to clear any junk that might be preventing doors from being opened, so that they can be propped open when required to keep your building well ventilated.

Keeping your workplace clean

Once your business is open again, even if you are operating with a skeleton staff or some employees still at home, you will need to increase your cleaning schedule and hygiene regime. This might include:

  • Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment in between uses.

  • Regular cleaning of frequently used items such as door handles, telephones and keyboards.

  • Minimised use of shared items of equipment such as printers, scanners and whiteboards.

  • Clearing workspaces and removing all rubbish at the end of each day.

Keeping your workplace hygienic

Although employers will have responsibility to keep the workplace clean and hygienic, it is also down to individuals to follow the guidelines and processes you put in place. This might include regular handwashing, using hand sanitiser and observing social distancing rules in washrooms and other communal areas. Putting up signs around your workplace to remind everyone to do their bit or setting alarms to remind people to wash their hands will help to get the message across.

You will also need to consider the placing of desks and workstations so that these are spaced far enough apart to meet social distancing rules, and these areas should be cleaned each day and in between uses if they have to be used by more than one person. Barriers and screens can also be installed for further protection.

Any items that come into the workplace, such as parcels or equipment should also be subject to a cleaning regime to help stop the spread of the virus.

Use a commercial cleaning company to keep your workplace clean

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