Choosing the Best Cleaning Contractor for Your Business

Hiring a specialist to keep your workplace clean is a simple and effective way of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for staff. Not only can a clean premises reduce staff absenteeism and help to improve morale and productivity, a presentable space gives a better impression for visitors and can help to create a more positive company reputation.

However, with the many commercial cleaning providers out there you may be wondering what to look for when finding the most suitable service for your business. Here are our tips to help you differentiate between cleaning contractors and make sure you’ve found the best cleaning solution:

What exactly does your company need?

You’ll need to evaluate your business – size, location, and the types of services you offer etc. – and think about how your commercial cleaning contractor will cater for all your exact needs. Questions to consider include:

  • What types of cleaning do you need covered? Would you prefer these to be performed by one provider or separately?
  • Are there any specialist cleaning services you’ll need?
  • How many cleaning staff will you require?
  • What times do you need cleaning carried out?

Make sure they’re flexible

When thinking about the best times for cleaning to be carried out, your cleaning company should be happy to be flexible and adapt with your changing requirements. Check whether they can work out of hours, at weekends as well if needs be, or for one-off occasions on short notice.

Does your commercial cleaner deliver on health and safety?

It’s extremely important to check that your contractor has the right health and safety policies in place. They will need to be properly trained in up-to-date health and safety legislations, preferably following CoSHH guidelines, and staff will also need to be fully trained.

It’s a good idea to ask potential contractors if they will take the necessary risk assessments to check that the staff are carrying out cleaning works safely and according to regulations.

Do they have the right cover?

Accidents can happen in any workplace and to be protected from damage to your assets it’s crucial to check that your potential commercial cleaner has the correct level of cover in place.

Check their credentials

Check that your chosen cleaning company is reputable and trustworthy by ensuring that they have the right legal credentials and relevant accreditations. Having the correct documents implies that the contractor is a credible company and that they value the quality of their work.

Find out if they’re reliable

You can check cleaning companies’ websites for customer testimonials or feedback, or ask for client case studies. Doing so will help you determine if they will be consistently reliable and maintain high standards for your business.

If you’d like more advice on finding a commercial cleaning provider, or to speak to your local MCS branch about cleaning services for your business, please feel free to call us on 0800 612 0437 or use our online contact form.