Why the Environment is a Key Concern for Commercial Cleaners

At MCS we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as far as practically possible. We understand that as commercial cleaners, our activities involve using chemicals which are traditionally stored in containers manufactured from materials from non-renewable resources, and that it is vital we constantly monitor and review our working practices to ensure we are adhering to the Environment Protection Act 1990 and to our ISO14001 certification.

New Cleaning Products

Whilst we are not responsible for manufacturing the cleaning products we use for our commercial clients, we do of course have a say in where we purchase our products from. Factors we consider when purchasing new cleaning materials will include:

  • If the outer packaging is recyclable
  • Whether the container in which the cleaning fluid is stored is recyclable once the product has been used
  • Is the cleaning fluid eco-friendly, does it only contain the minimum amount of chemicals required to do the job?
  • Does the product actually work efficiently, after all, we do need to make sure we offer a very high standard of cleaning for all of our clients
  • Is the produce value for money? Whilst we can see that environmentally friendly products may cost a little more than a standard product, we do need to make sure we work within ours and our client’s budget.

Disposal of Cleaning Materials

Our team of cleaners are aware that any excess cleaning materials cannot simply be placed in the bin or tipped down the sink. Pouring high quantities of hazardous cleaning chemicals down the toilet or the sink can cause a chemical reaction with other chemicals already present in the water supply, and can lead to major problems further down in the water system. Whilst we rarely need to dispose of cleaning chemicals, as we are very efficient in how we use our cleaning products, on the off chance we are required to dispose of any products we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure we don’t cause a negative impact on the environment.


As we finish various bottles and containers of cleaning chemicals, our team will always seek to recycle the container appropriately.


Concentrated cleaning products inevitably use smaller containers, which means that they take up less room when being transported from the manufacturer, to the wholesalers, and then to our stores. Focusing on purchasing products which are sold in a concentrated form helps us to work towards our aim of reducing the environmental impact of our activities, and so our purchasing team will consider the transportation of our cleaning products when choosing suppliers.

If you have any questions regarding our working practices or if you would like to find out more about our environmental policy, please do visit the MCS Cleaning Services website.