Are Cleaning Products Dangerous for Your Health?

The use of cleaning products is widespread, but how great a risk does your average bottle of furniture polish or bathroom cleaner pose to your health?


Any product, be it a bottle of household bleach or a ham and tomato sandwich, can be dangerous for your health – so everything we buy, use and consume in our homes and workspaces carries a potential hazard.

For example, if a seemingly harmless ham and tomato sandwich is out of date when eaten, you may well have a poorly tummy for a few days. If you’re allergic to tomato seeds, you could break out in a rash. If you eat too fast, you risk choking.

But by checking the sell-by-date, being aware of our allergies and chewing food properly, we avert hazard and reduce the risk of a sandwich related injury.


The risk of endangering or damaging our health through the use of cleaning products is lowered dramatically by using them properly or entrusting a professional cleaning service to undertake the job.

By law, all cleaning products must contain directions of use on their packaging that warn us of potential health issues. Where applicable we are instructed to avoid contact with the skin and eyes, keep clear of naked flames and not to mix with products that might produce a chemical reaction/noxious gases.

There are also stringent rules surrounding storage of cleaning products that help to prevent overheating, leaking and access to children.

Even the most acutely dangerous cleaning products such as corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners and acidic toilet cleaners can be used safely in commercial properties if guidelines are followed. By calling in professional cleaners, you can be confident that all instructions and guidelines are followed to prevent potential risks.


In truth, the use of cleaning products is essential to safeguarding commercial properties against the spread of infection, illness and allergies. From deep cleaning in food preparation areas to sanitising office toilet facilities, these products, when used properly and professionally, keep the working environments we exist in clean, comfortable and hygienic.

At MCS, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, so we aim to follow the purchasing policy of using as many recycled and renewable cleaning products as possible. Whilst the consumables we utilise are chosen specifically for individual contracts, we will always seek to follow this policy.

Our highly skilled team are fully trained in a range of commercial cleaning services, to find out more please call our team on 0800 812 0437.