Why Washroom Cleaning Services are Important to Businesses

At MCS we offer a wide range of washroom cleaning services that include the provision of sanitary and hygiene units, battery operated air fresheners, hand towel dispensers and hand driers.

Here we explain just a few of the reasons why employing a professional company to clean and maintain your toilet facilities is good for your staff and also good for your business:


It goes without saying, but hygienic washrooms are an essential requirement for any professional business premises. Staff absence costs UK businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds each year (especially if sickness spreads in a workplace) and can result in reduced efficiency and loss of revenue. A professional cleaning service will play a large part in reducing this threat and preventing the spread of illness in a business environment.


Just as they do at home, unattended washroom facilities can quickly become messy, especially in business premises with a high number of staff or where sundries such as paper towels haven’t been replenished. This often leads to slip and trip hazards that can cause injury to a member of staff and an unwanted liability on the part of an employer. Again, a professional cleaning service can play a key role in reducing these risks.


Staff are well within their right to expect a level of comfort in washroom facilities and throughout a workplace in general. Indeed, a recent survey suggested that UK employees are more likely to complain about unclean office facilities than issues surrounding salary levels. Offering your staff clean washroom facilities that look and smell great will certainly make them feel far more valued by the company.

How MCS can help your business

Our experienced team cover all aspects of Facilities Management and offer a dedicated high-class service nationwide.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services for all types of premises, from offices, commercial buildings and shops to educational facilities, leisure centres and residential properties.

If your business requires assistance with keeping washrooms tidy and hygienic, please get in touch to find out how we can help.