How a Clean Desk Policy Can Benefit Your Business

The Clean Desk policy has become an increasingly popular initiative for UK business, simply requiring employees to put away all papers, files and other clutter before they leave the office.

Initially introduced for the sole purpose of increasing security and data protection, the Clean Desk practice has displayed several additional benefits that are proving highly beneficial for businesses and employees.

Here we look at some of the potential benefits a Clean Desk policy can bring to offices and other administrative environments:

Focus & Efficiency

A key motivation for businesses is that a clear-desk policy reduces clutter in offices and helps employees to pay greater attention on performing tasks. This increased focus can be linked directly to a reduction in distractions at work stations, increasing the efficiency of staff.

Improved morale

Clean and clear office environments have been linked to increased morale amongst employees, making staff happier and more content in their work space. This has been noted as a contributing factor in decreasing the possibility of staff complaints and disputes between colleagues.

Fewer sick days

Clearing desk spaces before leaving work allows them to be better sanitised by the cleaning staff servicing the office. This can lead to a marked reduction in the germs and bacteria present in work stations and can significantly lower the number of staff members absent through illness.


Providing a number of benefits that increase staff efficiency and reduces employee absence, a Clean Desk policy can ultimately help an office environment to operate in a more orderly and effective manner, helping to increase productivity and increase profits.

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