Our Tips for Your End of Year Office Cleaning

By the end of the year, given the hectic run up to Christmas, our desks and offices can get very cluttered, and as a result, a little dirty too. Before you break up for the festive period, we recommend that you take the opportunity to engage in some office cleaning so that you can start the New Year afresh.

To make a good start on your office, ready for a professional cleaning service, you can follow these tips:

Start with the recycling

Your end of year clean should start with a proper sort out of your desk. Any old paperwork or notes that are no longer needed, paper cups, drinks bottles or anything else that can be recycled should be put in the recycling bin, and any other rubbish should be placed in the general waste bin. Don’t just focus on the top of your desk, but also any drawers and surrounding work surfaces that you are responsible for!

You’ll probably find that you are hanging on to a lot of things that you don’t need on your desk or in your office, so you will already have made a good start to your cleaning efforts.

Declutter your workspace

At this point, the only things on your desk should be things that you need. You can now put them back where they should be kept, or find a space in a draw, pen holder or cabinet, which can be their new home. Make sure any important papers are filed away correctly. You may find that there are some items on your desk that belong at home or need to be returned to their owner.

You might make a note to arrange for some new drawers or storage space, or some new files and folders to help keep your workspace in order.

Give your desk a wipe-down

Your desk is home to all kinds of germs. Now that it is free of clutter, you can use some antibacterial spray to wipe the surfaces down, get rid of any stains and remove any dust or food debris. Don’t forget to give your keyboard and mouse some TLC – they can be hotbeds for germs, as can your computer monitor.

Get some professional help

For a complete office cleaning service, call in a professional office cleaning company to help you. Professional cleaners are trained and experienced in clearing away stubborn dirt and returning offices to their former glory, ahead of the new year.

Whether your workplace is a single room, or offices on multiple floors, we can provide a high level of cleaning services to help your workplace look its best, as well as helping to reduce staff absence, and improving morale and productivity.

To enquire about our professional cleaning services, please call 0800 612 0437 or contact us here.