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Office Hygiene: How Clean is Your Desk?

If you work in an office environment you more than likely have your own desk, a small but important workspace where you will spend a considerable amount of your time at work.

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Humans Vs Robots: Which are Best at Cleaning Your Workplace?

In the United States, robotics is hot on the list of professional cleaning topics. What starts stateside tends to make its way over here, so do we have anything to fear from AI in the cleaning sector, and will a robot soon be cleaning your workplace?

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The Right Stuff – How You Know You Have the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Making the decision to invest in a regular commercial cleaning service is likely a big step for your business. Leaving the cleaning to the professionals should benefit your business in a few ways, but we understand that you might have some sense of doubt. It's normal for business owners to ask some perfectly valid questions when deciding on a regular cleaning contract, for example, "do we really need to hire cleaners?" or "can we afford regular payments?". By hiring the right commercial cleaning company, these questions should soon disappear.

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How Good Storage Keeps Your Office Clean, Safe and Productive

A clean and uncluttered office is a happy office, so finding new ways to manage your workplace storage can have a favourable effect on your business! Here we list just a few of the benefits of storing files, stock and stationery properly and safely within your office environment:

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Why Add Commercial Cleaning to Your Annual Business Budget?

April is here and as the new financial year begins, businesses in the UK are casting their thoughts forward to their 2018/19 budget. But when looking at the annual overheads for commercial properties, has your business considered the advantage of hiring a professional cleaning service?

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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Rethink Your Business Cleaning Strategy

Spring is a fantastic time of year – evenings get lighter, flowers get brighter and quite often, the season brings a renewed sense of order. That’s why here at MCS Cleaning, we don’t think there’s a better time to clean and reorganise your business premises, whether that’s an office, shop or factory.

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