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The Importance of Keeping your Food Manufacturing Site Clean

Keeping a food factory clean offers more benefits than just keeping your staff well – it keeps you out of the headlines, out of court and ensures the health of your consumers. Even though you should ensure your factory complies with food hygiene law every day of the year, hygiene inspections might be the time that you stop and think about your factory policies and how you can improve them.

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Keep Your Office Clean to Protect Your Staff and Bottom Line

The office environment can be a hotbed of germs waiting to pounce on their next victim, particularly during the colder months when bugs thrive. From norovirus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa to general coughs and colds, shared facilities in a close environment can be a recipe for disaster.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Commercial Tenancy Deposit

The final inspection of a rented commercial property at the end of a tenancy plays a huge part in deciding how much of the security deposit will be returned to your business. Here we pinpoint five key factors in getting all of your money back.

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Are Cleaning Products Dangerous for Your Health?

The use of cleaning products is widespread, but how great a risk does your average bottle of furniture polish or bathroom cleaner pose to your health?


Any product, be it a bottle of household bleach or a ham and tomato sandwich, can be dangerous for your health - so everything we buy, use and consume in our homes and workspaces carries a potential hazard.

For example, if a seemingly harmless ham and tomato sandwich is out of date when eaten, you may well have a poorly tummy for a few days. If you’re allergic to tomato seeds, you could break out in a rash. If you eat too fast, you risk choking.

But by checking the sell-by-date, being aware of our allergies and chewing food properly, we avert hazard and reduce the risk of a sandwich related injury.

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Why Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Helps Your Business Grow

Cleaning the offices of your business may just be another thing you need to do, but it’s important not to let it slip so far down the list that it gets forgotten about. After all, you wouldn’t forget to wash your face or clothes before an important meeting, would you?

The same principle applies for your office. The cleanliness of your business premises has a direct impact on the way your clients, employees and competition view you, and not getting it right can cost more than just reputation.

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The Cleaning Trends We're Watching This Year

The commercial cleaning industry is ever evolving. From a movement to more environmentally friendly processes, to cutting edge technologies, ensuring that your cleaning business stays abreast of current trends is one of the keys to success.

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