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Are You Neglecting Your Office Cleaning?

The average office worker spends around forty hours per week in the workplace – over 1,800 hours per year when you factor in holidays! When you consider this is over 20% of the available time we have each year, you can see why making your workplace an appealing, comfortable and clean space to spend time in is so important.

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How Can a Professional Cleaning Service Improve Your Business?

It goes without saying that running a business can be very stressful. When you are focusing on the big picture alongside making sure all elements of your business are running smoothly, it’s understandable that tasks such as cleaning the office regularly are forgotten from time to time. However, whilst office cleaning may not seem like a major priority, maintaining a clean working environment is very important for keeping your employees happy and healthy, as well as saving your business money.

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Does your Business Need a Deep Clean?

It goes without saying that a clean workplace is a more productive one, but sometimes you need more than just a regular routine clean. Deep cleaning doesn’t only tidy things up around your place of work but it can deal with the kind of ingrained dirt and bacteria that everyday cleaning simply doesn’t eliminate.

At MCS we offer an extensive range of commercial cleaning services including deep cleans, which are particularly popular after shop refits or building work as well as for offices and industrial premises that need something beyond their regular cleaning service.

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Why the Environment is a Key Concern for Commercial Cleaners

At MCS we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as far as practically possible. We understand that as commercial cleaners, our activities involve using chemicals which are traditionally stored in containers manufactured from materials from non-renewable resources, and that it is vital we constantly monitor and review our working practices to ensure we are adhering to the Environment Protection Act 1990 and to our ISO14001 certification.

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Why Might I Need Hygiene Services for My Business?

hygiene servicesWith all the varied operations that need addressing in the office alone, cleaning and tidying the washroom facilities often isn’t at the top of the agenda.

However, the Health and Safety Executive 2014-15 report found 1.2 million workers were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their work, contributing to over 27 million lost working days.

As our hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases, and a shared area such as the bathroom can escalate the spread of germs among staff, it’s essential that the workplace washrooms are regularly cleaned and have available hand washing appliances to improve hygiene.

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Choosing the Best Cleaning Contractor for Your Business

Hiring a specialist to keep your workplace clean is a simple and effective way of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for staff. Not only can a clean premises reduce staff absenteeism and help to improve morale and productivity, a presentable space gives a better impression for visitors and can help to create a more positive company reputation.

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