The Biggest Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends We Have Seen This Year

Just like any other industry, the commercial cleaning sector is always changing, so it’s important for cleaning service providers to not only take note of the latest trends, but to anticipate upcoming industry changes in order to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the needs of cleaning customers in all commercial and industrial sectors.

Whilst some trends will always remain, such as providing high quality cleaning services and ensuring excellent customer service, we have witnessed a range of changes in the commercial cleaning world in 2021 as professional cleaners react to customer needs and the world around them.

Increased demand for professional cleaning

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many changes to the cleaning industry as businesses have recognised the need to place extra focus on the cleanliness of their facilities and introduced practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

In 2021, with an increasing number of staff starting to return to the workplace after long periods of working remotely, we have witnessed a considerable increase in demand for cleaning services, both in terms of businesses looking to start professional deep cleaning programmes, but also how frequently businesses require cleaning services. In order to keep staff and customers safe, as well as preventing downtime, clients are asking for more frequent cleaning services, and making more meticulous demands to help ensure key surfaces are kept as clean as possible.

Increased communication with clients

Another effect of the pandemic is that commercial cleaning clients expect increased communication with their cleaning service providers. Clients want to be a part of the cleaning process so they understand the ins and outs of the services cleaners provide, ensuring that their commercial or industrial property is cleaned to the standards they expect.

Clients are increasingly interested in the qualifications of cleaners and are increasingly likely to spend time reading reviews and researching cleaning companies before hiring a cleaning company.

Whilst clients are more inclined to ask a lot of questions in 2021, this can be a considerable benefit, providing the chance for cleaning companies to prove their knowledge and training, and increase their cleaning and customer services.

Clients want more than just cleaning services from commercial cleaners

In addition to traditional office cleaning, factory cleaning or commercial cleaning services, clients are increasingly seeking extra services from their cleaners, including hygiene and janitorial services and products, window cleaning and grounds maintenance.

The importance of an online presence

A key commercial cleaning industry trend for 2021 is the need for an enhanced online presence for cleaning companies. When commercial clients are looking for a credible company to take care of their cleaning needs, they are much more likely to choose a company that uses digital platforms to promote their services and inform customers of what services they can provide.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide valuable channels to grow business, increase revenue and reach new customers.

The need for green cleaning processes

As more people become aware of climate change issues and the impact of businesses on the environment, pressure on businesses to change to green products and practices is growing. As a result, businesses are looking to how they can make every aspect of their business more environmentally friendly, including being more picky with the cleaning company they choose.

As a result, it’s essential for cleaning companies to review their practices and the products that they use to carry out a range of commercial cleaning services.

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