Hygiene Services to Create a More Accommodating Workplace

Hygiene services should be a priority for every business to ensure that all employee needs are met, as they refresh themselves throughout the working day. In addition to providing a sanitary space for your team, it also benefits visitors to your building and creates the impression of a well kept business.

Discover the benefits of finding the right hygiene services from a commercial cleaning company below.

Meeting Everyone’s Needs

When we spend so much of our day at work, providing a clean environment for employees should be considered the standard, not a work benefit. Cleanliness in the workplace is crucial for creating an environment which is comfortable and welcoming, where employees can confidently step into and refresh themselves without second guessing the facilities. It also helps to create a more pleasant and motivating workplace, with a focus on employee wellbeing.

Finding the Right Hygiene Services

Finding hygiene services which are fit for purpose is essential, and there are lots to consider. Today, a clean toilet and running water is simply not enough to accommodate your workforce. Take the next step into considering what people really need to feel clean and refreshed with the following:

Sanitary Units

As women’s representation in the UK workforce is increasing, we are seeing more female entrepreneurs and more women joining traditionally male dominated industries in the last decade, so it is time to adapt. While you should already have sanitary units in your washrooms, it is important to ensure that they are functional and regularly cleared out.

Hand Drying Units

While paper towels are a suitable option for hand drying, they do accumulate a lot of waste and can often cause a mess if employees do not dispose of them properly. Hand drying units are fast, effective and the modern way.

Air Fresheners

Between cleans, keep your washroom smelling fresh with air fresheners. Installing air fresheners will help to mask unpleasant odors, for a fresh washroom for employees and visitors.

Finding a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you are not equipped to upgrade your hygiene services, find a commercial cleaning company who can handle it for you. Our team will be happy to work alongside you to decide which facilities your workplace would benefit from to meet employee needs.

Our team provide a range of cleaning services for a variety of sites, including:

  • Offices

  • Factories

  • Retail Shops

  • Schools/Colleges

  • Sporting Facilities

  • Leisure Centres

  • Health Centres

  • Residential Buildings

Enquiring for Hygiene Services

Hygiene services should be prioritised in every workplace, to ensure that your team has a safe and pleasant space to refresh themselves. Our hygiene services cover a variety of facilities, including sanitary and hygiene units, hand towel dispensers, floor mats, hand driers and battery operated air fresheners. To enquire about our hygiene services, get in touch with our team.