Are You Neglecting Your Office Cleaning?

The average office worker spends around forty hours per week in the workplace – over 1,800 hours per year when you factor in holidays! When you consider this is over 20% of the available time we have each year, you can see why making your workplace an appealing, comfortable and clean space to spend time in is so important.

So, how do you know whether you are neglecting your office cleaning? Tell-tale signs may include:

  • Overflowing rubbish bins
  • Odours of stale food
  • Decreased productivity
  • Negative comments from visitors
  • Increased sick leave

With all these hours spent in the same place, it is essential that the office environment is clean and hygienic for the benefit of all who use it. Effective workplace cleaning isn’t just about dusting the desks and vacuuming the floor as it is the less obvious places where germs may be lurking.

If you aren’t convinced, here are some of the ‘dirtiest’ places within the typical office:

  • Bathroom taps
  • Microwave door handles
  • Telephones
  • Keyboards
  • Water fountain buttons

Why office cleaning is so important

It is important to keep your workplace clean and tidy, so if you are considering using a professional cleaning service but need to justify the extra expense here are our top reasons why you need a regular office clean:

  1. A working environment which is hygienic and free of germs should result in less staff sick days and therefore maintain or even increase productivity

  2. Your workplace will gain a good reputation amongst staff and visitors for being a clean and welcoming environment

  3. There is less chance that an employee or visitor will injure themselves at work if the environment is kept clean and tidy

  4. Workforce motivation and sense of wellbeing may be improved by having a clean and tidy place to work.

If you’re still not sure whether hiring a professional cleaning company is right for your business, why not read our customer testimonials to find out what a difference we have made to their workplaces?

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