Why Add Commercial Cleaning to Your Annual Business Budget?

April is here and as the new financial year begins, businesses in the UK are casting their thoughts forward to their 2018/19 budget. But when looking at the annual overheads for commercial properties, has your business considered the advantage of hiring a professional cleaning service?

Here we explain a few key reasons why hiring cleaning assistance for commercial premises can be beneficial for businesses.

1. Save time and money

If your business operates from a commercial building like a factory or office, you will likely have a regular requirement for cleaning. Professional cleaning services offer an affordable solution that keeps your premises clean and tidy without having to commit to employing cleaners internally or asking existing staff to perform cleaning and maintenance tasks.

2. Happier staff, increased efficiency

Several recent surveys have suggested that a clean working environment benefits employee morale and increases focus and productivity. Indeed, in one recent study it was revealed that UK employees would more likely complain about unclean working conditions than issues surrounding working hours and concerns over salary.

3. An improved first impression

Clean and tidy premises will always reflect well on a business and will provide a great first impression to clients, associates and potential employees when they visit your offices and commercial buildings. Hiring a professional cleaning service will help to keep your working environments in the best possible condition and always looking great.

4. Meeting regulations

Safety and hygiene is an important factor in any modern workplace, with a number of regulations to be met by law. Commercial cleaning services help businesses to meet those standards by maintaining a high level of cleanliness and preventing the occurrence of health and safety issues such as tripping hazards and fire risks.

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At MCS we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services including office cleaning, factory cleaning, janitorial supplies and grounds maintenance.

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