How Good Storage Keeps Your Office Clean, Safe and Productive

A clean and uncluttered office is a happy office, so finding new ways to manage your workplace storage can have a favourable effect on your business! Here we list just a few of the benefits of storing files, stock and stationery properly and safely within your office environment:


Whether it’s a pile of paperwork on a desk or empty bottles around the water cooler, items that sit around in the office are likely to take up space and collect plenty of dust. This makes a workplace more difficult to keep clean and tidy and increases the chances of employees being exposed to germs and allergies, increasing the likelihood of illness and absence amongst staff.


Several studies have shown that working in a clean and organised workplace helps employees to enjoy their work and become more focused and efficient when performing their every-day jobs. Implementing a clear desk policy and a zero-tolerance stance on clutter in workspaces can help to make your office a happier and more productive place to work.


Trip and slip hazards are amongst the most common causes of workplace injury in the UK and are far more likely to occur in offices with inadequate storage provisions. Workplaces with designated areas for filing paperwork, stock and other items are far less likely to experience the avoidable and expensive issues surrounding office safety and staff injury.

Privacy and security

Most businesses are required to store paperwork containing sensitive information that is personal to customers and staff. Poor storage encourages slips in data protection that can lead to files being mislaid or falling into the wrong hands. Safe storage reduces the threat of issues surrounding missing and damaged information and can protect against theft.

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