Humans Vs Robots: Which are Best at Cleaning Your Workplace?

In the United States, robotics is hot on the list of professional cleaning topics. What starts stateside tends to make its way over here, so do we have anything to fear from AI in the cleaning sector, and will a robot soon be cleaning your workplace?

Robotics in the workplace is certainly nothing new, robots have worked alongside human employees in factories and warehouses for many years, but whether they could clean those workplaces effectively is another matter. Some say that with advances in technology, autonomous cleaning is surely the next step, but whilst this sounds great we have to consider how safe such a practice would be, not to mention the fact that cleaners will fear for their jobs.

To reassure you, here are our 3 reasons why MCS won’t be employing a robot anytime soon to clean your workplace:

1) Our main aim is to provide the highest quality cleaning service – and we appreciate that whilst some advanced machinery might be able to do things faster than a human, it won’t spot the small areas that have been missed or feel compelled to go over something again, just to get an even better result. We trust our cleaners to do the absolute best they can do on each and every job, which is what keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

2) The safety of our customers is a top priority – all of our staff are fully trained to ensure each workplace is cleaned effectively and safely. We follow strict principles of colour coded cleaning to reduce the spread of germs and increase hygiene and we’re also ISO accredited which shows that we care about our standards and the environment.

3) Not all jobs are the same – it is the attention to detail and the small things that make each cleaning job different. Perhaps we might have to temporarily move some items from a desk when cleaning an office or move furniture or other items out of the way in order to clean windows effectively from the inside. Whatever the challenge, our cleaners are up to the task, but could the same be said about the robots?

For the time being at least, people will continue to carry out the majority of commercial cleaning tasks, but what we can expect thanks to robotics and ever-advancing technology, is improved cleaning equipment to work with and better results for the customer, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can keep your workplace clean and hygienic please contact MCS on 0800 612 0437 or click here to find your local MCS Cleaning branch.