Office Hygiene: How Clean is Your Desk?

If you work in an office environment you more than likely have your own desk, a small but important workspace where you will spend a considerable amount of your time at work.

But did you know that the average desktop is said to have 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat?

Here we look at some of the reasons why our desks and workspaces are such a hospitable breeding grounds for bacteria and how regular cleaning can prevent illness and infection.

Dirty desktops

It is speculated that there are in excess of 10 million bacteria on the average desk, where the high levels of debris and heat contribute to a flourishing environment for germs. Yet cleaning with antibacterial wipes just once a week can significantly reduce the spread of the harmful microbes and particles that can cause illness and trigger allergies.

Food feasts

Bacteria feeds on food crumbs and other debris, so with 70% of us eating lunch at our desks on a daily basis it is no surprise that our work stations are a fantastic breeding ground for germs. Indeed, a recent survey revealed that one in four of us don’t clean our desks after eating and often leave uneaten food to sit for many hours prior to consumption.

Everyday items

Every item we use whilst sitting at our desks is liable to be covered in bacteria. For example, the average computer keyboard harbours at least 7,500 bacteria, whilst 20% percent of office workers claim to have never cleaned their mouse or PC screen. Even tea and coffee breaks can be hazardous, with one survey suggesting that 90% of cups and mugs used in offices are unclean!


Phone handsets make close contact with our faces and mouths every day in an office environment, and we often share these with fellow workers, increasing the risk of infection. To make matters worse, 10 percent of office workers use their mobile phone during toilet breaks and half of employees don’t wash their hands either!

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