Open Plan Offices Keep You Fitter – But How Do You Keep Them Clean?

The idea behind an open plan office is that there is a lot of empty space with no barriers between desks. To keep it clear, a lot of storage units and furniture will be pushed to the side, to give employees more open space to work.

New research has suggested that arranging your office to be open plan can keep your team fitter. This is the result of there being more walking to and from cabinets for files, or walking out of the office to take private phone calls and hold meetings.

231 employees working in US government offices participated in a study hosted by the University of Arizona. During this study they found that those working in open plan offices completed up to 20% more physical activity than those working in cubicles and 32% more than those in private offices.

How does this effect office cleanliness?

With the increase in footfall, a lot of dirt from shoes will be transferred to the office floor and begin to build up. Also, with an office being more of a communal space, it means everyone is touching the same telephones, cabinets and stationary which isn’t sanitary as we enter the season of the common cold. Therefore, there needs to be a routine set in place to keep the office up to standard.

Hiring a cleaner to come in on a routine basis to vacuum the floors, wipe over all desks and surfaces and to complete general cleaning can be a big help, especially when working in a large office.

Finding a professional cleaning agency to send out a trained cleaner can make the world of difference, as everything that needs to be cleaned will be done to the best standard. As well as technique, they will also be using the best products for the job to keep hygiene ratings up.

This is particularly important if you also have a staff kitchen, where the dishes, sink and fridge will require regular cleaning.

In addition, there are ways that employees can contribute to the cleanliness of an open plan office:

  • Keep tissues and hand sanitiser nearby
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk to avoid crumbs and food stains
  • Have bins within reach (don’t forget recycling)
  • Dedicate a draw to wet wipes so employees can wipe down their desks, keyboards and office telephones
  • Keep windows open when you can, to get rid of unpleasant smells when the office has been busy for too long
  • Keep a door matt to clean shoes before walking into the office

Overall, open plan offices are great for many reasons, but they can also be a big task to clean. Luckily, as well as the aspects that help an open plan office keep you fit, cleaning can be quite a workout too.

For professional cleaning services to keep your open plan office sparking clean despite the heavy footfall and communal utilities, request a quote today.