New Year, New Office Habits – Smart Tips for Keeping your Office Clean

We’ve all heard it before, but the New Year can be a great time to make a few changes and start with a clean slate, so why not take the opportunity to keep your desk and office clean. Keeping a clean office can have many benefits, from improving customer perceptions of your business, to improving employee morale and productivity.

Here are our smart pointers for keeping your office clean throughout 2019 and beyond:

Stop eating at your desk

First of all, your desk isn’t a suitable area for eating; even if you feel that your desk is pretty clean, it certainly won’t have the right sterility that an environment for eating should have. It’s also worth considering that when you eat at your desk, you are only likely to make your desk dirtier as you drop crumbs into your keyboard and leave greasy marks.

We recommend eating your lunch at a dedicated eating or break area. As well as keeping your desk cleaner, it also gives you a break away from your workspace, which is very important for your wellbeing.

Keep your desk space clear

A cluttered desk is not a clean desk. Keeping your desk clear of obstacles makes it much easier to clean, so throw away anything you don’t need, or store it away in a draw or cupboard. Try to sanitise your desk with a disinfectant spray on a daily basis, as you would be surprised just how much bacteria your desk can harbour.

Empty your bins

You should be emptying any office bins as often as possible, so don’t let that waste bin under your desk start to overflow. A top tip is to introduce designated bins for different types of waste. Any food waste starts to rot immediately and can start to smell, so a bin for food and drink waste should be emptied daily, whereas waste paper bins only need to be emptied when they are close to full.

Clean your computer, keyboard and mouse

Make sure to dust your computer regularly and consider asking a technician to dust the inside of your computer. Remember, your keyboard, mouse and monitor can be home to a lot of germs and bacteria, so be sure to give them a regular clean.

Put yourself in your someone else’s shoes

A great way to ensure that your office and workspace are clean and tidy is to put yourself in a client’s shoes. Would your office give a good first impression to a client or potential client? If you work in a business with different departments, think about the impression it gives to employees from different departments when they walk through.

Bring in professional cleaners

It may be that you keep your desk in a relatively tidy space, but a busy schedule makes it difficult for workers in your office to keep the entire office as clean as you would like. Bringing in a commercial cleaning company could be the key to maintain a clean workplace.

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