Protecting Your Deposit: Professional Cleaning and Commercial Tenancies

As the new year begins many businesses will be considering a move to bigger or more suitable commercial premises in 2019.

For companies that have a rental agreement with a landlord this should be a reasonably smooth process, but there are many important issues to consider regarding the condition of the property as the tenancy ends, especially when it comes to the refund of a deposit.

Here we look at why hiring a professional cleaner for a one-off deep clean at the end of a commercial tenancy can be so important when it comes to deposit repayment.

Tenant obligations

A tenancy for a commercial premises will usually tie up a considerable amount of money in the form of a deposit, held by the landlord or an independent body. To get all of this money back the landlord must agree that the building has been left in an acceptable condition, set against a number of criteria underlined in the tenancy agreement. Professional cleaning helps to achieve these standards.

Tenancy stipulations

All tenancy agreements are different, but they often state that professional cleaning of the premises, including fixtures and fittings, windows and carpets must be performed to an acceptable standard. As such, the landlord or independent body will often request proof that professional cleaning has been performed before a deposit balance is agreed and paid.

Increased costs

If a business vacates a commercial property at the end of tenancy, but the landlord feels that the condition of the property is unacceptable, they have a right to employ their own professional cleaner to perform essential tasks. Not only will this cost be taken from the deposit balance, but the landlord has no obligation to use the cheapest service available.

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