5 Tips for Cleaning a Dog Friendly Office

Welcoming office pets has become an increasingly popular work trend, as teams begin to realise the benefits. Having a dog friendly office can be very advantageous, helping with stress, health and employee morale. However, they will need cleaning up after, which may require help from a commercial cleaning company.

Benefits of a Dog Friendly Office:

Tension in the workplace will always be present, but the comfort of office pets can help bring balance. It has been known to reduce stress, while boosting productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction.

Office pets can also create a more home like environment, for a more relaxing work day. And having a furry friend to greet you and be by your side all day can work well for employee retention.

How to Keep a Dog Friendly Office Clean

1. Practical Flooring

Wooden flooring would be the easy option for cleaning up minor accidents. However, if you do prefer carpet in your office, it’s important to shop for the right kind. Finding a carpet with a moisture barrier attached under the nylon will be easier to clean and sanitize. Without it, moisture from any pet-related accidents will sink into the backing and cause unpleasant odours.

With pet hair, your carpets will also require regular vacuuming, which may be easier with commercial cleaners. This will allow a more professional job, with stronger vacuums and expert cleaners.

2. Set Rules

To keep your office running smoothly, it is important to set rules. Many companies will enforce a three strike system for pets before they are no longer welcome in the office. Rules, including restricted areas, feeding routines and outside bathroom breaks should be enforced. This way dog friendly offices will be joyful and not compromising to your work.

3. Combating Pet Stains and Odours

Dog friendly or not, stained office furniture and unpleasant stenches do not set a professional image for clients. Therefore, enforce a cleaning routine to frequently check for stains and treat them quickly with appropriate products. Air fresheners and deodorizers spread around your offices can help to combat unpleasant odours.

4. Animal Friendly Cleaning Products

As a dog friendly office, it is vital to only use animal friendly products, to protect pet health. For example, cleaning agents containing ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers and formaldehyde can put your office pet at risk. Cleaning product fumes can also be dangerous for your dog, including drain openers, all purpose cleaners and floor cleaners.

Complete your research before shopping for cleaning supplies. Or find a commercial cleaning company experienced with dog friendly offices, who can do it all for you. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you buying new cleaning equipment.

5. Set Up a Dog Only Area

Offices can get quite busy, which can be overwhelming for some pets. Therefore, a pet only space where they can relax during their 9-5 day would be perfect. This also means dog beds and feeding bowls are out of the way to keep your office arrangement tidy. It will also provide pets with their own place to rest, rather than scratching office furniture.

Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Welcoming pets into your workspace can be both beneficial and a big responsibility. Routines will need to be set in place to ensure appropriate care of pets and your office, without compromising your work. Therefore, to save on time and resources, hiring experienced commercial cleaners can be a great support.

This will reassign many responsibilities which comes with office pets, to maintain work productivity and smooth operations. At MCS Cleaning we offer commercial cleaning to a range of industries, with our specialist team and equipment. To enquire, get in touch with a member of our team today.