Planning Ahead for the Summer – Grounds Maintenance

With summer edging closer and weather improving (hopefully), time is of the essence to arrange grounds maintenance services for your business premises. As we start to see sunnier weather, any grass, hedges or bedding plants will be ready to grow rapidly, so regular maintenance is important for keeping your grounds looking their best.

Let’s talk through some of the benefits of keeping your business grounds in check.

Boosted company image and increased brand appeal

All businesses have their reputation to consider, no matter what sector they fit into. Appearances count for a lot when it comes to first impressions, so ensuring that the external areas of your business premises are well looked after is important.

Grounds with overgrown hedges and untamed grass can give a poor impression of your business, as this lack of care could reflect on other attitudes within your company. Afterall, how can a business that doesn’t take care of their grounds be expected to care for customers or clients? In contrast, business premises with neatly trimmed hedges and perfectly mown lawns give a great impression from the get-go. Attention to detail always reflects well on your brand.

Happy staff

It’s not only internal decoration and maintenance that helps to keep your employees happy at work. When staff arrive at work at the start of the day, overgrown grass and out of control flower beds don’t exactly spur them on to start their working day. Arriving at well-kept grounds in the morning can help to improve mood and morale and help create a more positive and productive start to the working day.

If you have outdoor areas for your staff to spend their breaks, this can also contribute to boosted morale, providing care is put into keeping these facilities looking their best. After a lunch break spent in nice surroundings, staff are much more likely to feel energised for the afternoon.

Improved safety

Neglecting the exterior areas of your business premises could actually stand to cost you a lot more than regular maintenance payments. Long grass or overgrown bushes could create significant trip hazards for employees, clients and customers. Injuries as a result of tripping or falling are a leading cause of lawsuits for businesses, however, the risk can be considerably reduced by keeping the interior of a building clean and tidy and the outside well maintained.

Losing members of staff to injuries for long periods can also be very costly for a business, so it’s important to weigh these costs up against the price of grounds maintenance services.

If you are in need of grounds maintenance services for your business, MCS can help with a range of jobs, from mowing lawns to maintaining bedding plants. Call us today on 0800 612 0437 for more information about your nearest MCS branch.