Builder’s Cleans After Commercial Redevelopment Work

Commercial redevelopment work can be a messy job, requiring intensive deep cleaning after completion. Professional builders cleans can help you settle into your newly renovated property quickly after a big construction job.

For time restricted teams getting closer to their deadline, discover the benefits of builder’s cleans:

Debris Removal

Commercial redevelopment work can introduce a lot of waste, debris, dust and other materials, suffocating your furniture and flooring. To safely remove debris and grime, thorough cleaning is required. A professional builder’s clean can care for your property with non-abrasive cleaners and effective cleaning techniques.

Hard to Reach Areas

A quick clean after redevelopment work simply is not enough before allowing tenants to return to their property. General cleans will not clear every layer of dirt and won’t get into every corner of the property. These hard to reach places may also be harbouring debris, which can worsen over time.

For safety, a professional builder’s clean can reach these areas for a thorough cleaning. You won’t need to worry about health hazardous mess being unnoticed and left behind.

Cleaning Surface Dust

Dust can be one of the most difficult components to clean away. With a general clean, you are likely to miss the hidden under layers. With builder’s cleaning we can employ the recommended cleaning agents and techniques to effectively clean up settled dust. This can leave your surfaces with an untainted shine and full colour.

Carpet Care

One of the most challenging parts of commercial cleaning is your carpet. With rubble, dirt and dust ingrained it will require an intense deep clean. However, of you wish to keep the colour and texture of your carpet protected, our experienced cleaners can help!

Showcasing Your Work

After completing commercial redevelopment work, you want your customer to be wowed by the results. With a thorough builder’s clean you can showcase your work far more clearly. It will also allow tenants to move back into their commercial property effectively, without issues.

At MCS, you can feel safe in our team’s hands, who have a vast experience in builder’s cleans. Covering new and refitted shops, offices and industrial units we can provide high standard deep cleans.

We can quote either per job or at an hourly rate. To find out more, complete our enquiry form to get in touch today.