Factory Cleaning Services for Summer 2019

For smooth operations and sharp efficiency in factory settings, professional factory cleaning is recommended. Provide your team with a professional working environment with cleanliness and organisation. As well as increasing productivity and efficiency, a clean workspace can also benefit employee wellbeing.

For expertise in factory cleaning, enquire with our team to benefit from the following services:

Machine Cleans

Work environments operating heavy machinery have strict health and safety regulations to meet. To meet guidelines easier, cleaning may help. Keeping the factory clean and tidy with clear surfaces, dry floors and remove potential trip hazards for employee safety.

Regular maintenance cleans for equipment can help to protect machinery from damage and wear. Wiping away dust build-up, oil spills and general mess can also prevent safety hazards and technical issues.

Floor Cleaning

During a busy working day, a lot of drips and spills can occur. This can become a health and safety hazard, putting employees distracted by work at risk. To avoid workplace injuries, having your floor professionally cleaned can eliminate slippery surfaces.

Anti-Bird Netting

To shoo away unwanted visitors to your factory our team can install anti-bird netting. After installation, your team won’t be diverted from their work to keep wildlife away from heavy machinery. In addition, you won’t need to worry about having your factory contaminated by bird leavings.

Graffiti Cleaning

Maintain a professional image by obliterating graffiti from your premise. Graffiti removal services allow your brand to protect its reputation, especially when inappropriate messages are sprayed on your building exterior. It will also help your business become more inviting for visitors and set a positive first impression.

Cladding and Gutter Cleaning

Maintain high building standards with cladding and gutter cleaning, for a fresh exterior. Keep your gutter clear for heavy weather, to keep your premise protected from serve water damage. Then allow our professionals to clean your cladding spotless for general maintenance.

Fence Painting and Maintenance

Summer is the perfect season for factory fencing maintenance, to have your outdoor grounds ready for the hot weather. This can create a pleasant area for staff during their lunch breaks. In addition to setting a welcoming atmosphere when entering your factory.

Enquiring on Factory Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a factory deep cleaning service this summer, contact your local MCS branch to enquire. With a range of factory cleaning services to choose from, our cleaning operatives will provide professional results every time.