Office Cleaning: Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Clean

Clarifying the importance of workspace cleanliness to employees is essential for workplace safety. Having an organised workspace will ensure sensitive materials are kept private and helps to limit safety hazards. It can also create a more welcoming and less overwhelming environment, which is especially important while working long days.

Rather than letting everything build up, there are a few routine chores you can complete to make workplace cleanliness a breeze.

Routine Desk Cleans

Requesting routine desk cleans from employees will help them to stay on top of office cleaning. It is also an opportunity to return documents to their dedicated folders and get rid of any irrelevant papers. Having a quick desk clean can also help to reduce employee sickness, by clearing away dust and bacteria build-up.

Minimalist Approach

While sometimes it can be easy to lose track of paperwork and equipment, try to only keep what you need. This can be tackled during your routine desk cleans. During stock checks you can also re-evaluate which equipment you no longer require. By limiting your office property to just the essentials, it can encourage smoother operations and easier thinking for employees.

Reduce Waste

Limiting your printing will not only encourage sustainable practices, but it can also help to free storage space. Furthermore, retaining information digitally instead of printed on paper helps to avoid the need to keep physical copies of sensitive information in locked draws. Otherwise, documents can easily be lost or forgotten to be discarded when they are no longer required.

Designated Areas

To maintain a clean workplace, you can assign specific areas of your workplace for different activities. For example, dedicate desks to work only and find a communal area where lunch can be enjoyed separately. This will contain food remains and unpleasant odours into a dedicated area, which can be cleaned more frequently than others. Installing more bins, recycling units and cigarette bins can also help to eliminate littering outside your premises.

Tidying Cables

With an office filled with monitors, computers, speakers and phones there is likely to be a lot of cables. As well as looking untidy, cables can be a health and safety hazard. After removing what’s unnecessary, you can neaten cables under desks with cable ties, cable tidy units or protective cases.

Office Cleaning Services

At MCS Cleaning Services we provide an array of commercial cleaning services to help you maintain your premises. Our services include factory, hygiene, janitorial, office, window and builders cleans, in addition to grounds maintenance.

With a selection of budget friendly packages available, get in touch with our team to enquire about office cleaning today.