Reasons to Organise Janitorial Supplies Through Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Any business requires basic janitorial supplies, such as hand soap, toilet rolls and bin liners. In the modern workplace, requirements for janitorial and hygiene supplies are much more complex; sanitary and hygiene units are needed, hand towel dispensers are replacing electric hand dryers and air fresheners are a common sight in workplace washrooms.

When buying these supplies separately, costs can quickly add up, not to mention, it takes time for someone at your business to source necessary janitorial products. Here we provide some important reasons to leave your janitorial supplies to your commercial cleaning company.

They know your needs

Since your cleaning service provider looks after your cleaning needs on a regular basis, they know just as well as you what you need in terms of cleaning, hygiene and janitorial supplies. If you have any specialist requirements, your cleaning company will be aware and will ensure that these requirements are fulfilled properly.

Cleaning expertise

It could be argued that your cleaning company knows your needs even better than you do, after all they are the experts when it comes to cleaning. Working for you regularly, your cleaners will have assessed all areas that need cleaning and will know which surfaces may need special care, with specialist cleaning products.

Bulk buying

Buying in bulk from your cleaning company can provide a lot of savings compared with buying supplies separately and in smaller quantities. By leaving your janitorial supplies to the professionals, you’ll also be able to benefit from their contacts with reliable janitorial product suppliers.

Environmentally friendly products

By organising cleaning and hygiene supplies through a commercial cleaning company that is committed to reducing their impact on the environment as far as practically possible, you can rest assured that steps are taken to purchase environmentally friendly products. Factors such as recyclable packaging, whether cleaning fluids are eco-friendly and efficiency of products are considered when purchasing supplies.

If your business is committed to sustainability and green living, you can benefit from the peace of mind that your cleaning service is on board with ensuring that your environmental impact is as small as possible.

Increased productivity

By sourcing all janitorial products from your commercial cleaning company, this means that your workforce can focus on their key duties. As a result, productivity is improved as your employees will be able to focus only on their own core responsibilities.

At MCS, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service, supplying businesses with an extensive catalogue of janitorial supplies, from basics such as soap, toilet roll and cleaning fluids, to sanitary and hygiene units and any special requirements. We cover all aspects of facilities management.

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